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Want to succeed in every area of your life?

We don’t live in the same world that we lived in 15 years ago. The way you work and live your life, the way you connect with yourself and others, what you believe and value and even the plans you once had for the future has shifted massively. But no matter what your circumstances are, YOU are the designer of your own life, career, relationships and happiness. All you need in order to create the life you truly desire is to discover who you are at the deepest level and why.

"Who are you? Who do you want to be? And how do you realign with your core being?"

In the Master of Life Awareness masterclass you will discover that most of your life problems can be resolved by clarifying your beliefs, values and purpose, and by making strategic decisions and taking specific action. The goal of this masterclass is to help you understand why you do what you do, why you think as you think and why you feel what you feel in order to expand and increase the vibration of your current reality. The ability to understand, use and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict is priceless!

Join us for an epic journey of total immersion in this life changing masterclass with Igor Turkusic, ignite your passion and create a new plan to achieve success in every area of your life!

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Slow Down & Observe

Find out what's been stopping you from living the life you desire and identify what, who and how to make the changes you need to close the gap using inventory and behavior change systems.


Reduce the Noise

Recognize and reduce anxiety and stress using new tools. Discover intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, needs, values and beliefs. Observation without judgement, learning, reflecting, increasing confidence.


Walk your Life into a Natural Flow

Improve your relationships through recognizing, controlling and mastering your emotions. Discover inspiration and purpose, take on life with more confidence and courage than ever before!

What will you gain from participating?

All of human decisions and behavior is driven by the pursuit to fulfill one or more of the 6 human needs: certainty, significance, uncertainty/variety, love/connection, growth and contribution. This masterclass will show you which human need is driving all of your decisions and behavior and what it is that you need to transform and create the life you desire. All you need is discovery and guidance!

In the Master of Life Awareness masterclass you'll gain insights, understandings, strategies, systems and tools needed to create success in your life - whether that means stronger and more passionate relationships, a more fulfilling career or improved health and energy - you most certainly will feel unstoppable!

You will move from being uncertain, disconnected, unmotivated, overwhelmed, into certain, connected, motivated and empowered. The approach is self-awareness and self-management, which will flow into relationship-management and social awareness.

This life changing online event will guide you on your journey becoming the greatest version of self; the version you are most comfortable with. We will work on breaking through your conscience or unconscious roadblocks and raise your awareness to a whole new level!

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What makes this masterclass so incredible?

Most people go through life by default, based on what others have taught us and what we observe in the world. We are taught a set of beliefs, values and rules about what it means to be happy and successful, and those end up shaping our entire life experience. The problem is that many times these beliefs, values and rules that you were given don't always align with what YOU want in life, which can lead to all kinds of pain and psychological suffering...

Maybe for you that looks like anxiety about what others might think of you, sadness, stress or a lack of connection with those most important to you. But that feeling of 'not being good enough' will hold you back from living your true potential. The truth is: whatever it is that feels 'wrong' in your life is actually because you are out of alignment and you body, mind and soul are disconnected.

At any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. It is in these moments of decision that your future (self) is shaped.

In the Master of Life Awareness masterclass you will gain a clear understanding of the values and motivations that shape how you think, feel and behave. You will examine and change the beliefs, values and rules that no longer serve you good, in order to move toward the life you desire.

Igor says: "Get ready, the program is safe yet intensive and it could be shocking for your overall system. You will see yourself maybe for the first time, therefor I urge you to move your mindset in the growth mode, since you will experience growth and expansion."

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Who is this masterclass for?

When you attend the Master of Life Awareness masterclass you will be joined by people from around the world, from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, professionals, spiritual healers, students, coaches, dreamers, visionaries, seekers etc. But there is ONE characteristic that defines every single person who takes the action to attend: they know there is more and they won’t settle for a small life or for a life in fear.

Are you tired of feeling powerless or out of control? This masterclass will give you the tools you need to overcome by tapping into your own deep psychology, emotional intelligence and the universal laws of nature, making transformational changes and creating a blueprint for moving forward.

This masterclass is a perfect fit for you - if you would like to:

✓ Go back into your body, relax the mind and reach the soul

✓ Access and understand the human psychology, world of emotions and universal laws

✓ Discover which human need is driving all of your decisions and behavior

✓ Understand your inner fears and learn how to fear less and set your mind free

✓ Learn strategies and tools for everyday practice of awareness in life

✓ Transform your belief system and patterns and unleash your potential and power

✓ Build real momentum and discover a new level of passion

✓ Be a part of this transformational and life-altering program

If you are ready to start living your life by DESIGN instead of DEFAULT… You belong in the master of life awareness masterclass!

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Learn from a true Master of Life Awareness

About Igor Turkusic - Survivor of the longest siege in the history of modern warfare

Igor, SF Walker, is the Master of Life Awareness thanks to his embodiment of an amazing fellowship of Human Needs Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Universal Laws of Nature. Knowledge meant to be organized and presented to the world through him. Igor has witnessed war and peace. Life and death. Being on the bottom and being on the top. His life journey is one from the movies and other souls take multiple lifetimes to witness what Igor has in this one. This is what helps Igor guide people into transforming their lives. He is there with information, motivation and inspiration, excited to witness another transformation. His body, mind and soul are poured into the Master of Life Awareness. As a participant, you will get concentrated time learning directly from this Master of personal growth and transformation!

Master of Life Awareness Masterclass Igor Turkusic

What will you receive when enrolling?

You will get access to a life changing program that will rewire your brain for ultimate fulfillment, success and happiness. 

In this program you will:

✓ Identify which human need is driving all of your behavior and get an overview of everything that shapes your world today.

✓ Eradicate the destructive subconscious behavior that prevents you from getting what you want in life.

✓ Master the levels of consciousness to improve the relationships that you have with yourself and others.

✓ Identify the best parts of your personality that you want to develop and highlight to design your ideal future.


I want to get access today!

Picture life without limits, pain, fear...

Take a moment and dare to envision this life. Close your eyes and really feel it in your body; what is it like to....

Quit a bad habit or change and unhealthy pattern?

Become unshakable certain in who you are, what you are made for and where you are headed in your life?

Build stronger relationships with yourself, your partner, your friends and family?

Find peace within yourself as you leave behind all the baggage and limiting beliefs you've been carrying for so long?

Leave the chaos of the past behind and commit to design your ideal future?

Perform at your highest potential and take your business or career to the next level?

Wake up refreshed and live life more fully with a powerful sense of purpose to propel you toward the life you desire?

What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all forms of energy. What we think, feel, say and do in each moment comes back to us to create our realities. Energy moves in a circle, so what goes around comes around. The combined thoughts, feelings, words and actions of everyone on the planet creates our collective consciousness; it creates the world we see before us.

The Master of Life Awareness masterclass is the program to get you to the life you desire and deserve, that may not have seemed possible or realistic. In the Master of Life Awareness masterclass, what was once just a dream will become REAL. The life you desire and deserve is within reach...

You just have to let go of dependency, reconnect body, mind and soul and remember who you really are!

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Reduce Anxiety & Stress

What you need is tools and channels in order to reduce or eliminate both anxiety and stress.

Ending Habits

What you need is strategies for installing new habits that are driven by growth and contribution.

Increase Motivation & Performance

What you need is strategies and tools proven to motivate and increase productivity.

Improve Relationships

Increase your confidence and transform the relationships you have with yourself and others.

Master Your Emotions

What you need is to understand, control and master your energy in motion, emotion.

Find Inspiration & Purpose

What you need is guidance and discovery to unlock the desire and power that is within.

See what Graduates are saying

"Igor is an incredible listener and is constantly seeking to empower others. If you need direction, Igor can help you align your passions."
Ammon McKinlay, Entrepreneur,South Carolina, USA

"Igor is on another level of awesomeness. The brief time I spent with him expanded my level of awareness to a new vibration. Thank you brother."

Dr. Joshua Goodrum,Founder at Transcendet Health,Oregon, USA
"Igor is thoughtful, listens, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for life changing guidance. His approach is unique, well thought out and innovative!"
Harrison Kugler,Founder at Fresh Salt Agency,New Jersey, USA
Become a Master of Life Awareness yourself

This WILL BE the year you rise & thrive. You are ready for a leap.

When was the last time you did something really big in your life? You were really successful? Accomplished something? Was it your own business? Was it in your career? Your family? Was it something you never did before? Now, I would not be taking a big leap of faith if I was to say it did not “just happen”. I am actually willing to bet; it was you who took control. You made that choice. You knew what you wanted and you went out there and you got it. You achieved it. The Master of Life Awareness masterclass will help you do exactly that, once again. Take control. Self-regulate. Self-manage.

I created this masterclass using years of experiences I was blessed to witness on my own amazing journey. The highs, the lows, the ups and the downs. I walked with and learned from some of the greatest minds of the past, present and future. I listened. I learned. I created this program to help others take control of their lives once and for all. To help others regulate themselves. To manage themselves. From the inside.

There is nothing like the Master of Life Awareness in the Universe, and how could there be? There is nothing like me, or for that matter like you in the Universe. What there is, are cycles, patterns, energy and vibration. This masterclass will remind you how to be the Spirit and via Breath enter the Body. Use the Breath to via the Body reach the Heart. Travel from the Heart into the Brain to unlock the language of the Soul. You will understand who you are, decide who you want to be and what you are committed to in your life.

Join me and the other participants as I show you how to take control and shape your future at the master of life awareness masterclass. Master the human needs psychology, grow your emotional intelligence and uncover new ways of thinking and feeling that will change your life, your business and relationships forever!

Love and respect,

Igor Turkusic

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Master of Life Awareness Masterclass
✓ Access to a life changing online program

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Master of Life Awareness Masterclass
✓ Access to a life changing online program

✓ Receive video's, PDF files and worksheets with individual assignments

✓ Participate from the comfort of your own home

6 x 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Igor to gain more insights and ask your questions to the Master himself.

Total Immersion


Master of Life Awareness Masterclass
✓ Access to a life changing online program

✓ Receive video's, PDF files and worksheets with individual assignments

✓ Participate from the comfort of your own home

9 x 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Igor to gain more insights and ask your questions to the Master himself.

12 WEEKLY one-on-one coaching calls with Igor to guide you with personal challenges.

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