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Igor Turkusic has mastered Life Awareness by understanding, innerstanding and overstanding the Human Needs Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and the Universal Laws of Nature.

Igor, a strategic interventionist and a man who walks every week with some of the greatest minds of the past, future, and present, whether they are doctors of medicine, doctors of both natural and social sciences. Whether they are mystics, philosophers, poets and artists, spiritualists, people who created products and services with their own hands, with which they then touched the whole world. People who led the world. Igor walks with them to learn from them and what they have to say about the world, life, death and how things are, how they work, and why.

You can find over 250 lectures on the subject of body, mind and spirit on his educational YouTube channel SFWalker. Igor Turkušić has been creating programs his entire life that lead to behavioral change in order to improve health and lifestyle, starting in the American healthcare system and today in his consulting business SF Walker Coaching. From the disease management programs to the healthy behavior programs at the workplace, Igor is the author of the individual change program Master of Life Awareness, based in the psychology of human needs, emotional intelligence and universal laws of nature.

"Do you want to walk your life into more peaceful, more free and more solid existence? Do you wish to achieve succes in every area of your life? Take my masterclass and become a Master of Life Awareness yourself!"


Strategic intervention

"My aim in life is joy, inspiration, health and wellness and harmony. Everything I do is driven by these thoughts. My promise to you is that you will experience change in every area of your life. You will discover inspiration, experience joy, improve your health and wellness and re-discover harmony.

So what is strategic intervention anyway? Strategic intervention is a project created with a goal of identifying the most effective methods needed in order to improve everyday life. To improve performance and in order to accomplish individual change or change in group culture, through communication, raising awareness and strategic planning. Self-awareness + social awareness + self-management = win the day.

Strategic intervention accomplishes this by connecting the most effective way of communication and strategies from disciplines like: Ericksonian psychology, strategic family therapy, human needs psychology, orginisational psychology, neurolinguistic programming, psychology of influence, tradition of dimplomacy and negotiations and other strategic studies."

How it all started for me?

As I woke up in the hospital bed post surgery, after crashing my motorcycle the day before, I felt it in my CORE. No, it was not pain I felt. It was calmness and belonging. There is no way for me to describe this feeling of simply knowing. This was a different kind of waking up. I simply knew nothing would ever be the same and at the same time I knew amazing things are coming. I had no idea how, but I just knew.

I knew my career in healthcare was now over. For over 16 years I dedicated my life to creating programs that drive behavioral change, in order to improve healthof individuals, groups, companies, states, nations. I was very successful at what I did. I created worksite wellness programs, chronic disease management programs, programs for future parents, programs promoting health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyle programs, behavioral health programs. I loved what I did, I had fun, after all, I was an executive for a major insurance company and all of Norther California was my responsibility. That was now, no more.

As these life changing shifts always come with 3 major "wake up" events, I was also going through a divorce. 14 years we were together. That was now, no more. 

My whole world, everything I have known, everything I have been for a very long time, everything I have done, now was gone. Still, I was alive. I was here! I was awake. I was wide awake!

I remembered the kid I was in the 90s growing up in Sarajevo. A soul that survived the longest siege in the history of modern warfare. Young adult, forced to grow up really fast surviving snipers and shelling on a daily basis. A refugee in my own home town, as my home was in the occupied territory. 

I am a person that lived through years of no electricity, no gas, no water, no food, all in an active war zone. I just added a divorce, abrupt ending of a successful career and a motorcycle accident where I almost lost my life, again, to my life story. What am I going to add to the story next?

As I was enjoying this, to me, new feeling of faith, of belonging, of calmness, at no point did this question cross my mind: “Why did this happen to me?” If it did, I did not engage it or follow the path of those thoughts and those emotions. I was here, I was alive, I simply knew all of it had to happen and I knew amazing things are coming.

Questions that came to my mind were: Who am I? Who do I want to be? What will I do to get there? How can I give back again? 

How will I help myself and how will I help others? How do I realign with my CORE being? How do I wake up the amazing, beautiful, creative child inside of me and create a new world? Better world for myself and everyone else that rewards me with sharing their time and space with me. I felt it in my soul, big things are coming, change that I will drive and change that will be delivered through me is coming.

It all started with me. Within me. Internally. I knew this was an inside job. A better world is created inside out. It all started with choosing the questions I wanted answered. I wanted to understand, “Now what?” I understood I cannot do things in order to become something, in order to be something. I felt it in my CORE I have to first BE and from this beautiful place of being, anything I do would be simply amazing and it would be ME. I knew I had to learn. I knew I had to, most importantly, evaluate my beliefs, my values, my habits and then create new ones. I started walking, I started listening, observing and learning. This is where the fun of creation begun for me. I slowed down and I reduced the noise. I wanted to learn. I decided to listen. I was ready to teach.

So, I wrote a children's book, became an International Best Seller author. I became a strategic interventionist, a graduate of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes school and a certified life coach, a student of some great mentors and a teacher to some amazing souls. I became a HUMAN NEEDS MASTER. Most importantly joyful, happy, healthy, curious, loving, kind soul, I always was, contributing beyond myself, here to remind people to slow down, to reduce the noise, to listen.

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